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Eco-Friendly Halloween: Spooktacular Costumes and Decor from Recycled Materials

Eco-Friendly Halloween: Spooktacular Costumes and Decor from Recycled Materials

Halloween is a time for creativity, fun, and, of course, dressing up in costumes. It's also an excellent opportunity to get eco-friendly by crafting costumes and decorations from recycled materials. You will save money, reduce waste, and positively impact the environment with eco-friendly Halloween and spooktacular costumes and decor from recycled materials. We always encourage a "reduce, reuse, recycle" lifestyle at BVR Waste and Recycling, but sometimes that requires a little extra creativity. Here are some ideas for how to make your Halloween a little more green!

Eco-Friendly Costume Ideas

1. Cardboard Creations: Cardboard boxes are versatile and readily available. Transform them into a robot or even a spaceship! Cut, paint, and assemble to create unique and eco-friendly costumes.

2. Newspaper Marvels: Old newspapers can become the base for papier-mâché masks and accessories. Combine newspaper strips with a simple flour-water paste to craft custom masks or spooky props.

3. Reusable Fabric: Raid your closet or visit a thrift store for old clothing that can be repurposed into costumes. Tattered jeans and oversized shirts can become zombie attire, while vintage dresses might work for a retro look.

4. Nature's Bounty: Take inspiration from the outdoors. Leaves, twigs, and flowers can be used to create enchanting forest nymph or woodland creature costumes.

Recycled Decorations

1. Ghostly Milk Jug Lanterns: Clean and save empty milk jugs. Draw ghostly faces with a black marker, add a glow stick, and place them around your yard for an eerie ambiance.

2. Spooky Tin Can Luminaries: Collect used tin cans, clean them thoroughly, and punch holes in the metal to create haunting designs. Insert candles or LED lights for a mysterious glow.

3. Creepy Cloth: Old, tattered sheets or clothing can be shredded and draped for that classic haunted house look. Add some faux cobwebs for extra spookiness.

4. Recycled Pumpkins: Skip the real pumpkins and opt for reusable ones made from wood, fabric, or metal. These can be used to decorate year after year.

Dispose Responsibly

After the spooky celebrations, remember to dispose of your Halloween waste responsibly—separate recyclables like cardboard, paper, and plastics from non-recyclable items. It is always good to check that what you're recycling is acceptable with BVR Waste and Recycling. Take a look at our guide below.

Recycling Center Acceptable Materials-2023 (1)
Download PDF • 70KB

Go green with your costumes and decorations this Halloween. You can enjoy a spooktacular holiday by reusing materials and reducing waste while positively impacting the planet. Have a happy and eco-friendly Halloween!

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