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Residential Recycling

Bryan residents can order their curbside recycling below. It's quick and easy!

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Recycling Order Form

Please fill out the BIG Customer Service Request form for Bryan College Station Single Stream Container service.


*Includes a $25.00 one-time delivery fee.

1. Customer will accept full responsibility for contents of container and agree to additional charges, including taxes, if recycling container contains unacceptable waste. 2. Do not overload the top of the container - an extra charge may be applied and/or the container may not be hauled for safety reasons. 3. Customer will accept full responsibility for any damage to their driveway, lawn, etc which results from delivery or pickup of a container from an agreed upon area by BIG Company regardless of weather conditions. 4. Customer is responsible for damages done to the container while in their possession. 5. Customer agrees that unpaid invoices of insufficient funds are subject to an 18% annual fee, plus any and all fees accrued during legal processes to collect payments. 6. BIG Company has the right to a credit card on file for any past due balances including but not limited to taxes, additional charges and late fees. 7. This agreement is good for 12 months and will renew automatically for 1 year unless written notice is given 60 days prior to cancel the agreement.

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The Bvr Waste
& Recyclin
g App

BVR Waste & Recycling offers our residential customers access to our BVR App. In this free app, you can sign up for collection reminders, service alerts, and sync pick-up days straight into your digital schedule. This app is available on both the Apple Store and Google Play.

Download the BVR app today!

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