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5 Summer Crafts for Kids Using Recyclables

Turning Waste into Fun!

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Summer is the perfect time for kids to unleash their creativity and have fun while learning about the importance of recycling and reducing waste. We also know that finding independent hands-on activities for kids is the only way to keep them quiet while home from school! We’re committed to promoting sustainability and believe in the power of education and hands-on activities at BVR Waste & Recycling. That's why we've compiled this exciting list of five summer crafts for kids using recyclables. These crafts encourage artistic expression and teach valuable lessons about repurposing and caring for our environment. So, gather your recyclables, grab some glue, and let's get crafting!

Click HERE to read our guide on recyclable materials.

1. Cardboard Tube Binoculars:

recyclables summer crafts cardboard binoculars

Materials Needed:
  • Two cardboard tubes (toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls)

  • Decorative materials (e.g., paint, markers, stickers)

  • String or ribbon

  • Scissors

  • Hole punch


1. Decorate the cardboard tubes with paints, markers, or stickers to give them a personalized touch.

2. Punch a hole on each side of the tubes and attach a string or ribbon through the holes, making a strap to hold the binoculars.

3. Let the paint or decorations dry before embarking on an exciting nature exploration and adventure!

2. Bottle Cap Magnets:

bottle cap craft using recyclables

Materials Needed:
  • Bottle caps (cleaned and dried)

  • Acrylic paints or permanent markers

  • Clear adhesive or glue

  • Small magnets

  • Hot glue gun (for adult use)


1. Paint or color the bottle caps with vibrant designs and patterns, or create miniature artwork.

2. Once dry, apply a layer of clear adhesive or glue over the painted surface to protect it.

3. Attach a small magnet to the back of each bottle cap using a hot glue gun.

4. Let the magnets dry completely, and proudly display your masterpiece on the fridge or any magnetic surface.

recyclables summer crafts egg carton
3. Egg Carton Flower Garden:

Materials Needed:
  • Empty egg carton

  • Paints or markers

  • Scissors

  • Pipe cleaners or wooden skewers

  • Glue


1. Cut out individual cups from the egg carton, each cup representing a flower.

2. Paint or color the cups with various colors to resemble flowers.

3. Once dry, poke a hole at the bottom of each cup and insert a pipe cleaner or wooden skewer, creating the flower stem.

4. Arrange the flowers in a small container or use them to decorate your outdoor garden.

4. Tin Can Wind Chimes:

recyclables summer crafts tin can wind chime

Materials Needed:
  • Empty tin cans (cleaned and dried)

  • Acrylic paints or markers

  • String or fishing line

  • Beads, buttons, or small trinkets

  • Hammer and nail (for adult use)


1. Decorate the tin cans using paints or markers with your favorite designs or themes.

2. Make small holes near the top rim of each can using a hammer and nail.

3. Thread a string or fishing line through the holes of each can, tying a knot inside to secure it.

4. Attach beads, buttons, or small trinkets to the bottom of the strings for added decoration and sound.

5. Hang your tin can wind chimes in a breezy area and enjoy the soothing sounds they create.

5. Newspaper Kites:

kids crafts using recyclables

Materials Needed:
  • Old newspapers

  • Dowel or wooden sticks

  • String

  • Tape

  • Scissors

  • Glue

  • Colorful tissue paper or crepe paper (for decorating)


1. Cut out a kite shape from a newspaper sheet, ensuring it is large enough to fly.

2. Decorate the kite using colorful tissue paper or crepe paper strips, gluing them onto the newspaper.

3. Attach a dowel or wooden stick to the vertical edge of the kite using tape.

4. Tie a string to the horizontal edge of the kite, creating a harness to hold onto while flying.

5. Find an open space, preferably a park or beach, and let your newspaper kite soar high in the summer sky!

With these five summer crafts for kids using recyclables, your kiddos can transform waste into art, learning about recycling and reducing waste. These unexpected summer activities will make you the coolest parent on the block! So, gather your recyclables, embrace the summer spirit, and embark on an educational and entertaining crafting adventure. Let's make recycling a fun and meaningful part of our kids' summer activities!

See BVR Waste and Recycling's list of accepted materials below.

Recycling Center Acceptable Materials-2023
Download PDF • 70KB


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