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4 Questions to Ask When Choosing A Roll-Off Dumpster Service

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Anytime you are about to embark on a renovation project, a big cleanup, or any other big change, there is one major question to ask: “what will we do with all the trash!?” Yes, there is always trash from the old when you take on something new. The obvious answer to this question is to rent a dumpster, but if you have never done so before, there are some other questions to ask when choosing a roll-off dumpster service.

What makes a roll-off different?

If you are new to dumpster rental, it is a good idea to choose a service that can make the process easy and answer all your questions. For example, before renting a roll-off , you might ask what you are getting. A roll-off is not the standard city-provided garbage disposal. Roll-offs have open tops; they are rectangular, not cubic in shape; and they have wheels so they can be easily moved. They are not permanently set in place; they are meant to be rented.

What size will you need?

When you ask this question, consider where you will be putting the roll-off. Most residential customers find the roll-off convenient because one can be placed in any driveway while still leaving room for cars and movement. Don’t forget to consider that the biggest roll-off, which is usually 30 yards, might be more than you need. Ask the dumpster rental service for advice on the best size for a roll-off. Consider the 20 or 30-yard size, which is often adequate.

Can you share it?

You might want a larger size if you are getting together with neighbors who are also doing their work, and each family can use only a portion of the container. Together, you can find the right roll-off in your area to make the work easy. Just consider where you will put it and how long you will need it for; this will all affect the pricing of roll-offs in your area.

What can you put in the dumpster?

Check with the roll-off service about what is acceptable to put in the dumpster and what is not. Just because you are renting the dumpster does not necessarily allow a homeowner to throw away hazardous materials or flammables that the landfills may not accept. This is something that the roll-off service in your area will help you with.

Contact BVR Waste and Recycling today and let us help you choose the right roll-off for your next home renovation or construction job. Whether short-term or long-term, we have a wide array of dumpster solutions to fit your needs.


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