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4 Keys to a Successful Recycling Program

It’s no secret that recent changes in China’s policy around accepting trash and recycling are affecting many local recycling programs. The good news is that for both business and residential customers of BVR, a BIG (Brannon Industrial Group) company, you can feel comfortable that your recycling efforts are not in vain.

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BVR manages hundreds of tons a day that are hauled to the waste and recycling center. Using a unique sorting process, BVR is able to divert 73% of this material into the recycling markets. But it gets even better! That recycling doesn’t divert to China. BIG’s family of services includes Premier Metal Buyers, a scrap metal company that provides that recycling material to brokers and mills for use in the supply chain, essentially creating a closed loop for materials to be used over again. In addition to that, all recyclables are shipped to US based consumers!

So how you can you be smart about starting your own business/residential recycling program? BIG recommends 4 areas to consider.

1. Establish your recycling potential

• Find out how much trash is being collected at your business or complex. • How many dumpsters of what size do you have? • How often do they get collected? • Estimate the waste disposal cost savings when you start to recycle. • Evaluate space options for recycling containers.

2. Design a user-friendly recycling program

• Select recycling bins and place them in areas that will minimize misuse or contamination. • Always place recycling containers as close as possible to trash containers. • People can empty bins from inside their space into larger bins in common areas. • Clearly identify recycling areas with large signs that include pictures of what can and can’t be recycled. • Place information on bulletin boards and in newsletters. • Develop a collection plan. How many recycling dumpsters will you need? Can you replace some of your trash dumpsters with recycling dumpsters?

3. Educate staff/residents and promote the program

• Evaluate the program often. Check for contamination to determine if more education is needed. • Provide updates on the program in complex newsletters and bulletin boards, so residents will know that their efforts are making a difference. • Revisit often with residents or staff to optimize collection. Continually improve your recycling plan.

4. Don’t forget the people part!

• You need buy in from management, staff or residents along with good training and education. • Make it easy and simple for everyone to do their part. • Develop a way to gather feedback to keep improving or identify any issues. • Signage and clear instructions help guide everyone.

Factors outside of your control don’t have to sideline your recycling program. The benefits of recycling – cost savings, reducing your carbon footprint, reusing materials – remain despite challenges that may appear.

We can help you review your current program or help you get one started that will benefit your business or complex.


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