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Tips for Landscaping Your Backyard with BVR!

Landscaping your backyard can be an exciting project that can transform your outdoor living space into a beautiful and functional area for you and your family to enjoy. Many times, people get overwhelmed and don’t know a good starting point. In this blog, we'll share some tips for landscaping your backyard and the benefits of having a roll off dumpster on the project.

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The first step in landscaping your backyard is to create a plan. Determine what you want to achieve with your space, and then sketch out a rough design.There are great unlimited resources online to research for types of plants , grasses, trees, and bushes. This will help you to visualize your end results and determine what you like and dislike. Take into account the amount of time needed to maintain the plants once they are established. If you are implementing an automatic watering system that will be most beneficial and cut down on maintenance. Otherwise, be mindful of your plant selections as summertime can be quite a commitment to keep the plants alive in the south. The next important step is to determine a budget for your project. Decide how much you will be spending on materials and labor and then prioritize your desires accordingly. This will help you to avoid overspending and ensure that you can complete your project within your budget.

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When it comes to landscaping, it's important to focus on the basics. This includes things like adding trees and shrubs, creating a focal point, and defining borders. These elements will provide the foundation for your landscaping and create a cohesive look for your backyard. Another point to consider is the climate in your area. You want to choose plants and trees or shrubs that are well suited for your region. Blooming plants with flowers usually require more watering and maintenance than say agave plants or cactus. The type of soil on your property determines how well your plants will grow or if a certain soil additive is needed. Lastly, if you live in a rural area with wildlife be sure to select plants that are deer resistant. For example , deer love all types of rose bushes especially drift roses. A deer will eat pretty much every part of the rose plant, including the foliage, blooms, and buds. They will sometimes even eat thorny canes on your rose bushes and love the new growth.Choose plants that are easy to maintain and don't require excessive watering or pruning. This will help to ensure that your landscaping looks great year-round without requiring too much effort on your part.Patios, pathways and retaining walls will all add functionality to your outdoor living space and make it easier to enjoy. Hard elements like rock and pebble are easy additions to flowerbeds and are virtually maintenance free.

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Now that we've covered some tips for landscaping your backyard, let us suggest renting a roll off dumpster from BVR Waste and Recycling and talk about the benefits of having a dumpster on site.

Landscaping projects can generate a lot of debris, including dirt, rocks, and plant materials. Having a roll off dumpster on your project makes it easy to dispose of this debris without having to make multiple trips to the dump. It can cut down on time to transport and cost in overall waste removal. Having a roll off dumpster can also increase safety for any hired workers on the property. By keeping debris contained in the dumpster, you reduce the risk of someone tripping or falling and reduce the risk of liability while the project is in the installation phase. The dumpster will make the project work more efficiently and quickly. An added benefit is that when the dumpster is removed at the end of the project, all of the waste and trash is removed. It’s a cost-effective way to start off fresh with your new landscaping and have the property clean and neat.

At BVR Waste and Recycling we are always looking to encourage people to make an environmentally positive impact on our earth. Landscaping is beneficial for the environment in so many ways and it helps to improve air and water quality. By adding plants and trees, landscaping provides not only aesthetic beauty but habitats for wildlife as well. We want to support every effort our clients make to better our environment. Give us a call at BVR Waste and Recycling and one of our team of experts will work to meet your needs and requests for the project you are tackling.

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